Services We Offer


Paramold has over 165 years of experience and today our capabilities are better than ever. Learn more about the services offered by Paramold’s team and how we can help your business succeed.



Private Label

Private label candles are a way to provide custom products to your customers. Our container candles are made from high quality materials and are fully customizable thanks to Paramold’s specialty services

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Wax Blending

The care and expertise in which we exercise every step has made Paramold one of the finest blending facilities. The process of perfecting a formula begins with the research we have continually done over the last 160 years.

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Wax Processing

Paramold’s facilities enable you to get the wax in the form you need it.

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Custom Fill Jobs

Paramold’s flexible production facility enables us to custom blend and fill a variety of products to your exact specifications.

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Custom Toll Manufacturing

Whether you want to subcontract all of your manufacturing, or to discover new products without equipment investment to service new markets, we can help.

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Color / Scent Matching

Whether you are starting from scratch or matching existing products, you will be able to work closely with our experienced specialists to give you superior results.

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Custom Machinery

Paramold manufacturing builds custom machinery for industrial use.

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