Made on Long Island: Family-owned candle factory (Fox 5 News)


Take a look inside our factory and see the whole story in this video!

As you may have heard, the Koster Family has been in the wax and candle industry since 1852 - 5 generations. Paramold MFG, LTD. was started in New York over 35 years ago by Richard Koster Sr. and is one of the largest pressed tealight manufacturers in the United States. Paramold continues today to serve as leader in the private label and food service industry. Paramold is currently run by three of Richard’s children, Katy, Tess and Rick. In 2012, the three siblings got together and formed a new division, 90 Bourne. 

Recently, Paramold and 90Bourne were fortunate enough to be highlighted on Fox News in their section “Made on Long Island.” They are being recognized for their success in continuing to run a local, family business that has a corner market in the wax and candle world.